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Your Choice Between an Artist Proof (AP) Regular Show Print Screenprinted on White Paper for $75.00 or an Artist Proof Show Print (AP) Screenprinted on Lava Lamp Foil Paper for 125.00 

These Posters Sold Out at the Shows in 2021!!!!

Very Few Limited Artist Personals are Available for Purchase !!


From Artist Richard Biffles Personal Collection>> Limited Time Offer>>>!!!

One of a Kynd Embellished Drawing & Hand Signed as (AP) by Artist Richard Biffle

*None of the Posters that SOLD OUT at the Show were Signed or Embellished!!!!


Limited Edition Screen-Print

Size 18 x 24 

Limited Time Offer>> Price will Climb & Rise as we Sell Out >>>*<<<

By Artist Richard Biffle

CopyRight  2022



2021 "Phil Lesh Quintet" Artist Proof Screen-Prints

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