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Set of 2 "Bicycle Daze" Blotter Prints

2021 Richard Biffle Limited Edition Blotter Prints

Both "Bicycle Daze" & "Bear Necessites"  

Honoring Swiss Chemist Albert Hofmann on April 19,th of 1943 when he intentionally took his first Dose and started to Feel the Effects as he rode home on his bike. This was the First Intentional LSD Trip.

Produced from Original Oil Paintings
Signed / Matching Numbers Edition of 135


Single Sheets Signed/Numbered 

Also Available 

"Bicycle Daze" for $60.00

"Bear Necessities" for $50.00

Size : 7.5 x 7.5

900 Perf Count
Copyright 2021

"Bicycle Daze" Set of 2 Blotter Prints

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